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One of my friends at Michael’s told me about this neat event in Lawrenceville, PA this weekend called Art All Night. Anyone can enter one piece of artwork and then you get to have fun walking around all night, looking at what everyone brought. I was going to enter one of my already finished pieces. But then I decided, why not make a new one? So I did! It’s not like I’m insanely busy this week already or anything… Somehow not having time to paint is always when I’m most creative, so I end up making the time. (I got a lot of B’s on finals because of that!)

This new piece is called Star Weaver. I won’t lie; I got the inspiration for this one from the name of my second book, but name only. This is NOT the Worldweaver, and is not associated with the book in any way. Except maybe the tortoise. I like him.


I will be displaying this piece at Art All Night on Saturday, April 25th. Come have a look if you’re in town! Price will be $300.00

Here are some details