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Anyone who has known me for even the smallest amount of time knows one thing: I love dogs. I just can’t get enough of them! They’re smart, loyal, cuddly, soft, and their capacity to love is 5x greater than that of a human. How could you not love a creature who looks on you with such complete and total admiration?


Darby and I dancing in the back field.

We had a sheltie growing up named Darby. He was so smart it was like having a furry brother, and he certainly knew he didn’t have to do anything I said unless he already wanted to! I loved him so much. We had him from when I was in kindergarten all the way up till my junior year of high school. When he died I was heartbroken. We really did lose a much-loved member of our family. That was back in 2007, and our family never got another dog.


After Darby, I was off to school and life at college just can’t support a dog- at least not easily or with any quality. So I waited. I gotta tell you, waiting is not something I do with much grace, and my friends/family got an earful during that time about how much I wanted a dog. But I knew, for the dog’s sake at least, I needed to wait.  But now, a mere eight years after Darby left us, my puppy-less life has finally come to an end!




This is Sadie. At 51 lbs, she is a full-grown sable rough coat collie. We got her from a family that had to move to an apartment in another state and couldn’t take her with them. My heart goes out to them, and I know it’s going to be hard. I know, at least, how terrible I would feel if I had to give up my furry friend and had no choice in the matter. But we will give her the most wonderful and loving home a dog could ask for.

The day I got her was a crazy one. Just the day before, I had been super sick with a stomach virus that caused me to throw up 14 times. I was lying in bed resting when I saw the add online. I’d seen it before in December and called the number but no one answered so I figured someone had adopted her. But to see the add renewed a month later, I figured why not try it again? So I got a hold of the owner and he was back in the area for three days and was hoping to get her re-homed in that time. To get down to it, that one day was my shot to go get her, so that’s what I did. It hurt my stomach to stand up and move even the slightest bit, but I didn’t care. Nothing was going to stop me from getting my dog. Because I didn’t even need to meet her to know I was going to love her forever. I already did.


I can’t tell you how much joy Sadie brings to our lives, how much more full she makes them. My favorite is when I come home. Not only am I so excited to see her, but she is near fit to exploding in her joy to see me. She just doesn’t know what to do with herself so she jumps on everything (sometimes including the cat, much to Kaida’s irritation)! Then there are the times when she hops up on the couch and sits in my lap like she thinks she’s a lapdog. It’s adorable, and it fills me with so much happiness I practically explode myself!

I don’t know who came up with the term “puppy love” but I think they must not have had a dog. A dog’s love is special. We should be so lucky to love even half as much as our puppies do.

And now… pictures! Because she’s so darn cute!

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Have a great day everyone 🙂 and don’t forget to love on your furry friends today!