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This piece is from a dream I had a long time ago. I have always had strange, entertaining, colorful dreams. This was one of those ones that was so vivid it will stay with me forever. I remember every detail as if it had really happened to me.

The dream…

I was standing amid a tribe of ancient people, wreathed in white flowers. They were praying for rain, and only I could give it to them. There was no fear, there was no regret, only purpose- a purpose bigger than myself. I was running, the red dust churning under my hooves as I went. Sometimes I was the deer, sometimes I was watching from above. When I neared the cliff’s edge I did not falter, nor did I slow down. I flung myself from the precipice and for a few magnificent moments, I was completely free. I was the sacrifice, and I embraced it… Then I crashed into a house and the dream took a completely different turn.

So here is my interpretation of what that dream was like.

The Sacrifice