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My second book, Worldweaver, is now for sale! There are new characters and kingdoms introduced in this book, so here is a little more about who they are and what it’s about. First of all, here’s the synopsis:

The war between the elemental kingdoms has ended, and a tenuous peace established. However, the strength of that peace depends upon a marriage alliance between Princess Vivian of Gealgath and King Adonyss IV of Norbane. Adyn has agreed to the match, but Vivian has other ideas for her future that don’t include marriage to a foreign king. She would much rather remain unwed and continue with her research, as she has always done. She soon learns that what she wants is of little consequence to kings, and finds herself unceremoniously packed off on a difficult journey to Norbane.

Across the continent, Morgan, Roden, and Heliodor have problems of their own. With the threat of war gone, they must now find a way to break the Great Segregation Spell. The lack of useful information on the subject is frustrating, and the eld creatures are little help. With a reference from a folktale as their only lead, the three set off on a journey to find the fabled Worldweaver. The goddess from Svengai is rumored to hold time in her hands, and if anyone would know how to unravel an ancient spell, it would be her. However, there might be more to this spell than any of them realize, and breaking it could prove extremely difficult, if not impossible.

New Important Characters


Princess Vivian

Briefly mentioned at the end of The Windkeeper, Vivian is the princess from Gealgath who is now betrothed to King Adonyss IV of Norbane (Previously known as Prince Adyn). She is a gifted mage, whose power stone is vivianite, and her passion is research. When her father ruled, he let her do as she pleased, and marriage was not something that interested her. Now that her brother is emperor, she suddenly finds she no longer has a choice.

Vivian is working on finding a cure for the disease plaguing the shapeshifter kingdom of Valta, one of Gealgath’s oldest allies. Being torn away from her studies to marry a king she doesn’t know now makes the likelihood of her finding a cure extremely slim. Valta is where Gealgath gets the majority of their mineral shipments, and if they view Vivian’s being sent away as a slight to them, those shipments might just stop coming. That doesn’t seem to phase her brother Eryth. He is determined she will go to Norbane as his promise of peace.

Seren Blueflame

Seren is a conflicted soul, and a bit of a mystery to all who meet her. She is a fire mage under an ancient curse, passed down in her family from woman to woman. Because of it, she is forever doomed to walk the land alone, suffering the hate of men. The only way to die is to pass on the curse, and in order to do that, she must have a child. She refuses to be weak, like the women who came before, and pass on the curse to a child she will most certainly love. Instead, she ignores the constant revulsion and insults of men and focuses on finding a way to break the curse. She knows there is one, but the answer lies in a book that has been lost for thousands of years. If only she can find that book, she will be free at last.

Seren is diverted from her quest when she is asked to accompany princess Vivian on her journey to Norbane as a companion and decoy. Feeling empathy for the princess, whose life is being dictated by men, Seren accepts even though it likely won’t bring her any closer to her goal. She feels protective of Vivian, and if it’s one thing she has in spades, it’s time.

Priestess Gypsi of Temple Evapora

As her name implies, Gypsi is a priestess who resides on the great Gypsum Flats of south central Gealgath. As all mages from the temple are, she is a bit eccentric, and sometimes appears to operate on a different plane of existence. However, she and the others of her kind are unmatched in the skills of earth healing. She accompanies Vivian on her journey as the designated healer.

Lord Saetos

Saetos is a golden eagle shapeshifter, and the lord of all avians. When his king contracts the sickness, it is his job to find Princess Vivian and get her to come to Valta. . . by any means possible. Having lost his whole family to the disease already, Saetos is determined that the disease will not also take his king. He is willing to stoop to any level to keep that from happening.

King Arktos

Arktos is a grizzly bear shapeshifter, and the king of Valta. Before his reign, Valta was a land of warring clans, more likely to follow their animal instincts than their human consciences. But he has instituted a new order, and is striving to civilize his people so they will be taken seriously by the other kingdoms of the world. He has gained the respect and love of most of his subjects due to his fairness, but it is a constant uphill battle, and they still have far to go.

Now that he is ill, all he has worked for could crumble. If any of his subjects, save a trusted few, find out he is sick they will demand a new king. It is of greatest importance that a cure be found, and fast. Otherwise, Valta will be plunged back into the wild ages, and the civilization they’ve fought so hard to establish will be nothing more than a memory.


New Kingdoms




Valta (Previously mentioned) is the shapeshifter kingdom on the eastern half of the continent Svalta. Valta is a mining kingdom, and holds some of the rarest minerals on the planet Endarah.


Svengai is the other kingdom on Svalta, and is the home of Seers and Nulls. The kingdom is basically divided in half, with the civilized, educated people living in the south. The north is left to Desert raiding clans, farming hill folk, and the thieving gypsies of Terra Forest. The kingdom is divided not only politically, but geologically, as the north is situated on a great plateau that drops hundreds of feet to the lowlands. The hill folk are permitted in the lowlands, but if the desert folk or the gypsies are spotted in the south, they are immediately killed or taken prisoner.


Known only as The North Lands in book 1, the northern half of the Nordean Continent has now been claimed by the marlens. They named their new kingdom Valathor. Now that Belydor is back in Laikland, Valathor is no longer covered in ice and snow.


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