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The second book in the Eld Creatures Series is underway (and has been for over half a year). I must say the going has been a bit slow compared to the first book, but I’m a bit busier than I was this time last year. When you’re quarantined in Florida, don’t have a job, and can devote 14 hours a day to writing, things get done! Not the case this year, for which I am so thankful. Don’t get me wrong– being able to write book 1 so fast was an amazing gift, but it was probably the only good thing to come out of our time in Florida. Both Adam and I are much happier living near family and friends, and we both now have jobs we love.

Even though the going is slow for book 2, I’m still very excited about it. It WILL be written! I have so many vivid scenes running through my head I won’t be able to truly rest until they’re recorded safe and sound.

I made leaps and bounds of headway in one area: the cover art! Haha. One of my favorites. I also finally decided on a title after just calling it “book 2” for forever. Therefore, here is the finished work!


If you’re wondering what the strange terrain is, it’s a salt flat (or salt pan). This terrain occurs in lakes where the climate is such that the evaporation rate exceeds the precipitation rate (desert). The water in the lake has evaporated, leaving behind precipitated salt minerals. The effect, if the lake is large enough, is a white blanket of salt as far as the eye can see.

All the characters in the image are newly introduced in book 2, which I obviously decided to call Worldweaver. From left to right their names are: Seren, Gypsi, Pyra and Darra. There will be three storylines to Worldweaver. First, I will continue with Morgan and Roden’s story. Second, I will introduce Princess Vivian and the four women listed above, and third will be Keeper Emer’s continued story.

Seeing as I’m only on chapter 3 I have a long road ahead of me, but I will love every minute of it!

I know it can be hard to see all the details of such a large image on the computer, but you can see the details a little better if you click on the picture.