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I have always loved drawing my own maps. We had to do it in history class a few times in 6th grade, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. It always fascinated me how the shorelines of continents are not straight, but pitted and jagged, meandering on bends and subtle curves. No two are the same, and yet you can almost fit them together like pieces in a giant geologic puzzle.

Naturally, I couldn’t write my books without drawing maps for them. It’s as much for my sake as for the reader’s. I’d like to know where my characters live too!

I just finished one map for Worldweaver. I’m thinking there will be two: one of Gealgath and one of Valta. Possibly, I will also include the map of the entire planet again, although the picture turned out very small last time so I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This one is of the entire empire of Gealgath. In the map of the Nordean Continent, most of Gealgath got cut off because I ran out of room. It wasn’t important then because the story didn’t take place there. For book 2, that is not the case, so the crazy cartographer in me took up the pen once more!


A couple things: I’m probably the only one who looks at my maps enough to know this, but I spell Ardik Ocean as Ardic here. My mistake for not doing it in pencil first or checking how I wrote it the first time on the world map. Also, you will notice Gypsum Flats is significantly smaller here than it is on the other map. This was mostly because I didn’t know how large I wanted it to be when I drew the other one, and now I do. I could also chalk it up to “The other map is not according to scale because it covers such a large area.” But mostly the first one…