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Although I have yet to hold a copy of it in my own hands, The Windkeeper is officially up for sale on the xlibris website: http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products/SKU-000982941/The-Windkeeper.aspx

I really should be working on a wood-staining project right now, but I just can’t because I’m so excited! I may be doing this prematurely because it isn’t up everywhere yet and the e-book also isn’t up for whatever reason. However, I just couldn’t help myself. As I may have mentioned before, patience is not a strong point of mine.


1. If you’re ok with paying the price for a hardback or paperback, by all means, go for it! $26.99 for hardback and $18.99 for paperback. I got to pick my own price and that was the lowest I was allowed to go. I tried.

2. If you are poor like me and can’t afford things, you may want to wait for the e-book. It will eventually be on the Xlibris site as well for 3.99.

3. If you prefer buying through Amazon or Barnes & Noble, it will be on those sites in a few weeks. I did see it up on Amazon now, but there is no cover photo or summary yet. Hopefully that will be remedied. I also don’t know if Amazon can provide the book for you in a timely manner yet.

4. There will be a website for the book that hasn’t launched yet. I will let you know when it does! I got to preview it this morning and I love it! You will also be able to buy the book from there.

And, just because it makes me smile, here is a picture of me working on editing the book with Kaida. She wanted to help.


Eventually she somehow maneuvered herself underneath it… silly cat!