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As I mentioned before, I am currently self-publishing the book I wrote. I just received some exciting news from them yesterday! After several weeks of waiting (and I may be the most impatient person in the world), the manuscript has now been fully edited and is ready for me to review. Although it will be a long process, I’m very excited that things are moving forward. With any luck, it really will be on the market in time for Christmas!

A little about the book:

Hidden away in a small town in the kingdom of Norbane, Morgan’s existence is kept secret from those who would use her for their own purposes. Even she doesn’t know who she is. When a royal air mage named Roden comes into her town looking for her, she is suddenly thrust into a destiny she did not choose. He tells her she is a windkeeper, a kind of mage whose powers are intimately linked to magical creatures called marlens. The marlens have been in hiding for so long, most people think they are just a myth. However, they are the only creatures with sufficient power to end the war that threatens Norbane and its mages.

With time running short, Morgan must learn how to master her unique powers and call the marlens to fight. She and Roden embark on a journey together, hopeful that he will be able to teach her all she needs to know in order to succeed. The two face many obstacles together: a dragon who keeps a human farm, fighting off enemy mages, dealing with opposition from the marlens once they are found, and trying to fight off the inevitable attraction the two of them begin to feel for one another. They have a job to do and if Morgan fails, countless lives will be lost and damage will be done that even magic can’t fix.

But what none of them realize is that there’s another player in this game, a man smart enough to know when to keep to the shadows and when to make a move, and he won’t stop until he has everything that he wants. For him, this war is only a steppingstone to something much bigger, and it hinges on Morgan being successful at finding the marlens.


That’s the basic premise of the plot. The book is called The Windkeeper, and is roughly 160,000 words. It is most definitely in the fantasy genre, although I still have mixed feelings about whether it’s adult or young adult. I believe it could be enjoyed by either age group, so I went with adult.

I have been enjoying the self-publishing process so far. I am using the services of Xlibris Publishing, and they have all been very kind and professional. If you want to go that route, I would definitely recommend them. Considering all that they provide, their prices really aren’t that bad.

I did try the traditional route first but, as I mentioned, I am extremely impatient. Half a year and thirty rejection letters later, I gave up. I know you have to go through hundreds of rejections before you find someone who is willing to risk taking you on, but I just don’t have the patience. I’m willing to admit it, but that doesn’t mean I’m willing or able to change it. Therefore, self publishing seemed the best option for me. Plus, I get to use my own artwork on the cover and for the maps on the inside. SCORE! And if that isn’t incentive enough, their editors also don’t tear apart my manuscript and change everything around until it’s more their story than mine. WIN!

Anyway, I’d better get working on my review. Happy Saturday! If you’re interested in Xlibris, this is their website: www.xlibris.com