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Hi! My name is Emily Schroeder and I basically started this blog for fun. I am many things and will most likely post about all of them at some point or another. Primarily though, I started this site to post my artwork. Things you can expect to see in the future: watercolor paintings, status updates on the publication of the fantasy book I’ve written and the sequel I’m working on, and random musings about my love for geology and rocks. Although I consider myself an artist, I’ve never taken art classes, nor do I really sell my artwork or plan to. Most of them I’ve already given away as presents anyway. I believe in using as much color as possible (unless you’re doing a winter scene…) and you will find that most of my paintings are saturated with flamboyant hues. If this offends you as a traditional watercolor artist, well, I’m not really sorry. Color makes me happy!

To kick things off, I am posting this gypsy one. I never kept a record of when I did what, but I think this one was done around the fall of 2012. You may notice some trends in my paintings: women, collies, fantasy. I shall explain. I draw women because I love designing fun dresses and all my paintings are some reflection of myself and what I wish I could be. As for collies, I just think they’re gorgeous. Wolves too. Fantasy, as well, is a reflection of my soul and I can’t seem to make myself paint anything that doesn’t have some otherworldly, mystical air to it.


This particular painting is a creation of mine that was born from my recent trip to geology field camp in Beulah, Wyoming. Every geology major has to do it, and I’m glad I did. It was an amazing experience that I would never give up. The landscape there was incredible! I really wanted to convey a sense of freedom and wildness in this one, a sense that the world is yours to see and feel and experience.